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Posted on 4:21 PM by Menachem Glik

If you haven't been yet in Eilat, this summer is the time.
The Red Sea, the mountains of Eilat, the Arava desert, Timna Park.
Eilat is the eternal summer city in Israel. Beautiful beaches, lot of people in the streets, as well as lot of pub's, bars and good restaurants. In the winter lot of Israeli's as well as European's comes to Eilat to catch some sun. However, in the summer, mainly on July-August the city wake up to life, with lot of people almost 24 hours / day walking down the streets, giving the city a cool and young atmosphere.

Apart of lie down on the beach, there are lot of things to do in Eilat – from watching 3D movies in the IMAX Eilat, to the KingsCity for those whom come with the family and the child's.

I also strongly recommend taking half a day for Jeep's trip in the mountains around. The desert and Eilat mountains are very impressive and nice. Of course lot of sea sports available – renting water-craft, boats, diving, scuba diving, etc.

In the evening, after long day of fun it's the time to calm walk on the promenade, eating Ice-cream ,watching the sunset, while the sky painted with wonderful colors.

At the nights it's the time to seat and relax on cool beer in one of the Bar's which lot of them place on the nice promenade. My favorite is the Three Monkey's Pub. This authentic English-style pub is located on the Royal Promenade and is considered the most popular recreation spot in Eilat. Almost every evening there is in house band which play oldies, etc.

In addition there are lot of clubs with lot of parties every night until the morning.

Eilat famous with it's big and magnificent hotels. Not like in Vegas, but still you can find some nice hotels like Hilton Eilat Queen of Sheba Resort, Herods, Dan Eilat, etc. For those whom looking for isolated and silence hotel you probably like to go to Eilat Princess Hotel which is located in the precise spot where the mountains of the Sinai and Arava Deserts meet the crystal waters of the Red Sea.

So, let me know when you're here, and we might seat for cold beer together.

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