Saturday, June 26, 2010

iPhone 5?

Posted on 6:04 PM by Menachem Glik

iPhone 4 is here. Lot of words has already posted about the iPhone 4, so let me share my comments.

In fact I think the new iPhone 4 missed the next thing. The next thing which separate it form the others smartphones, as well as from the previous models. So, if someone in Apple read this post, here are my free suggestions:

The next thing which will make the iPhone 5 really useful is integrated miniature projector which allow the users to screen their favorites movies or a presentation on a big screen / wall, etc.

Few Israeli's start-up companies has developed such module which can be integrate to any smartphone:

The next thing which will make the iPhone 5 really useful is integrated Virtual Keyboard which also developed by Israeli Start-up company around 10 years ago:

With those two modules you just can seat in your favorite Coffee, stand your iPhone on the table, and use it like a regular laptop.

The iPhone is almost like a standard computer. Therefore, another feature which I think should be available for the iPhoe is a docking station which allow plug the iPhone to any screen & keyboard by allowing see the iPhone OS on a big screen. In this way, once you get home you just plug the iPhone to screen & keyboard and continue surf the internet or just work on your latest documents. Of course the next OS should include office applications, etc.

Finally, I think the iPhone should combine green energy. For example solar panel on the back, so once the battery end in the middle of the day – you just go out to the street and charge the battery again.

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