Saturday, June 26, 2010

iPhone 5?

iPhone 4 is here. Lot of words has already posted about the iPhone 4, so let me share my comments.

In fact I think the new iPhone 4 missed the next thing. The next thing which separate it form the others smartphones, as well as from the previous models. So, if someone in Apple read this post, here are my free suggestions:

The next thing which will make the iPhone 5 really useful is integrated miniature projector which allow the users to screen their favorites movies or a presentation on a big screen / wall, etc.

Few Israeli's start-up companies has developed such module which can be integrate to any smartphone:

The next thing which will make the iPhone 5 really useful is integrated Virtual Keyboard which also developed by Israeli Start-up company around 10 years ago:

With those two modules you just can seat in your favorite Coffee, stand your iPhone on the table, and use it like a regular laptop.

The iPhone is almost like a standard computer. Therefore, another feature which I think should be available for the iPhoe is a docking station which allow plug the iPhone to any screen & keyboard by allowing see the iPhone OS on a big screen. In this way, once you get home you just plug the iPhone to screen & keyboard and continue surf the internet or just work on your latest documents. Of course the next OS should include office applications, etc.

Finally, I think the iPhone should combine green energy. For example solar panel on the back, so once the battery end in the middle of the day – you just go out to the street and charge the battery again.
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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Idan Raichel is considerd to be one of the top famous artists in Israel.

His music combines elements from all over the world.

Every once in a while I'll introduce you to one of my favorite Israeli artists.
There are a lot of good musicians here as well as good singers. Israeli music affects world styles. Idan Raichel is a unique singer, who combines music styles and elements from all over the world.

In his first album “The project of Idan Reihel” he took around 30 singers to sing with him, most of them coming from Ethiopia.

Idan Raichel songs have soft and nice melodies, which penetrate into the heart.

The song I choose to play for you here is based on a popular Ethiopian song “"Nanu Nanu Ney" and the song is called “Mi Maamakim” or in a free translation “From depths” (I hope I translated it correctly, please forgive me if not..).

This is beautiful melody describing the calling from depths to you.
When you return, you'll bring with you the light to the eyes.

Against the moon, which light your path, come to me.
In your ear I whisper and ask.

Who's calling to you at the mid of the night – just listen.
Who'll give everything just to make you happy?

From depths I'm calling to you.

Ok, I tried my best to translate part of the song, don't rely in 100% on this.
However, sometimes you need not understand the words, just listen to the music.

Hope you like this song.
If you like to hear more songs of Idan Reihel you just need to search Idan Raichel or in hebrew: עידן רייכל on YouTube.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Music Bar

One of my favorites are music bars. There are few which I especially like. One of them is Cnaan music bar in Jerusalem (Shamai St. 15, near the Midrachov@ Ben Yehuda St.).

It's a small place, yet with a warm nice mood. People mainly come to drink good beer and listen to good music. Most of the groups which play there are young bands who are just at the beginning of their musical paths. However, the owners of the place take care to filter out the groups which are not at their standards.

Some evenings soccer games are shown on the big screen and sometimes there are dance evenings, salsa, club, etc.

Yesterday, there was a gig with a young talented singer, who made a great performance. Her name is Yael Shimon and I am pretty sure we'll hear about her in the future. She's a student in Bar – Ilan University writes music and songs in her free time. I strongly recommend hearing her!

The Pub is open every evening apart from Friday night.

Let me know when you around and we can sit down for a good beer.

For Orthodox people, we note that this place is kosher.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hummus is considered to be our national food. However, the Israelis are also big fans of good Expresso, Cappuccino, and good coffee in general. There are around 6-7 Espresso Bars which are well known in Israel.

Forget Starbucks. In Israel you'll find Cafe Cafe, Roladin, Aroma (which has branches also in NY, Europe, etc) , Cafe Hillel, Coffee Joe, Etc.

My favorite is Roladin. They have the best Expresso with no doubt. On a Friday morning, where the weekend is just beginning (In Israel a weekend is from Friday – Saturday), there is no better way to start the weekend than a good Espresso / Cappuccino with two Rogalach (Chocolate pastry – must try!) and the weekend newspaper.

You can find one of those cafe or just a local cafe in almost every corner street in any city in Israel.

Let me know when you're here and we'll sit down to a good coffee.
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Friday, June 18, 2010

Traffic jam

Stuck in a traffic jam. It is rush hour - the traffic is not moving.
Looking around, you see lot of new model cars, ranging from BMW to Mercedes, followed by Mazda 3, and I think to my self - " Yeah, this is like Dallas in the mid of rush hour or Geneva on Friday afternoon - we're a normal country.
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Walking down the street you may suddenly hear someone call you, "Hey brother!".
Or, just stopping to ask someone in the street how to get to here or there,
the man you ask may tell you, "Look brother, you just walk over there," etc etc.

The Israelis are very warm. Although we're small country, you can't know everyone in the street personally. Therefore, every second man in the street is your brother. Excuse me! brother, hey brother! You brother.

In fact, whenever you go, the average Israeli in the street, in the bus / taxi / pub, etc will give you the feeling after 5 minutes of small talk that he knows you for years and that you're now his best friend. And it's true. That's what we are. We feel sometimes like a big family. We always want to know how you feel, how your day was and whether you enjoy it here with us during your trip?

We're always together in happy times as well as sad times.

Fell free to join our big family.
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


One of the most favorite places for jogging in the center area is
the Yarkon park in the middle of Tel - Aviv

A lot of Israelis go out for jogging or just walk their dogs in the evenings.
The park is nice and the Yarkon river crosses the park from west to east and lead to Rosh Haain where the Yarkon sources are.

The roads in the park have runner as well as bicycle paths.

Apart from jogging, you can take a boat for a romantic afternoon on the Yarkon river.

It's very easy to find the park as it located right in the middle of Tel - aviv, crossing Namir road.

Finally, I recommend Asics gel Kayano 15 sneakers - my favorite!

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My name is Menachem and i'm 29 years old.
Living in Israel in Givat - Shmuel and work in the Hi - Tech industry.

Israel is lovely place. Yet, this country has lot of faces. Though, most of the time the global media shows mainly the Political or military faces.

Let me show you the other faces of Israel from a point of view of young professional which like the good life - good food, clubs, sport, and nice places. And I have it all here in Israel.

Let me show you the routine life here in Israel from point of view of my friends - young professional people which live in a small yet advanced western country, like their friends all over the world.

You're always most welcome to visit us, to seat with me on a good coffee , or beer - you decide, and tell about your country.

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