Saturday, June 19, 2010


Posted on 5:29 PM by Menachem Glik

Hummus is considered to be our national food. However, the Israelis are also big fans of good Expresso, Cappuccino, and good coffee in general. There are around 6-7 Espresso Bars which are well known in Israel.

Forget Starbucks. In Israel you'll find Cafe Cafe, Roladin, Aroma (which has branches also in NY, Europe, etc) , Cafe Hillel, Coffee Joe, Etc.

My favorite is Roladin. They have the best Expresso with no doubt. On a Friday morning, where the weekend is just beginning (In Israel a weekend is from Friday – Saturday), there is no better way to start the weekend than a good Espresso / Cappuccino with two Rogalach (Chocolate pastry – must try!) and the weekend newspaper.

You can find one of those cafe or just a local cafe in almost every corner street in any city in Israel.

Let me know when you're here and we'll sit down to a good coffee.

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GottfriedStutz Says....

Poor ignorant me I thought that hummus existed before the state of Israel was born. Just like Palestinian houses and fields, hummus seems also to be appropriated by Israel!

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