Friday, June 18, 2010


Posted on 12:35 AM by Menachem Glik

Walking down the street you may suddenly hear someone call you, "Hey brother!".
Or, just stopping to ask someone in the street how to get to here or there,
the man you ask may tell you, "Look brother, you just walk over there," etc etc.

The Israelis are very warm. Although we're small country, you can't know everyone in the street personally. Therefore, every second man in the street is your brother. Excuse me! brother, hey brother! You brother.

In fact, whenever you go, the average Israeli in the street, in the bus / taxi / pub, etc will give you the feeling after 5 minutes of small talk that he knows you for years and that you're now his best friend. And it's true. That's what we are. We feel sometimes like a big family. We always want to know how you feel, how your day was and whether you enjoy it here with us during your trip?

We're always together in happy times as well as sad times.

Fell free to join our big family.

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