Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Posted on 2:14 PM by Menachem Glik

My name is Menachem and i'm 29 years old.
Living in Israel in Givat - Shmuel and work in the Hi - Tech industry.

Israel is lovely place. Yet, this country has lot of faces. Though, most of the time the global media shows mainly the Political or military faces.

Let me show you the other faces of Israel from a point of view of young professional which like the good life - good food, clubs, sport, and nice places. And I have it all here in Israel.

Let me show you the routine life here in Israel from point of view of my friends - young professional people which live in a small yet advanced western country, like their friends all over the world.

You're always most welcome to visit us, to seat with me on a good coffee , or beer - you decide, and tell about your country.


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דותן Says....

wow sounds good, I may suprise and come to sit on a cup of cofee

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