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Idan Raichel is considerd to be one of the top famous artists in Israel.

His music combines elements from all over the world.

Every once in a while I'll introduce you to one of my favorite Israeli artists.
There are a lot of good musicians here as well as good singers. Israeli music affects world styles. Idan Raichel is a unique singer, who combines music styles and elements from all over the world.

In his first album “The project of Idan Reihel” he took around 30 singers to sing with him, most of them coming from Ethiopia.

Idan Raichel songs have soft and nice melodies, which penetrate into the heart.

The song I choose to play for you here is based on a popular Ethiopian song “"Nanu Nanu Ney" and the song is called “Mi Maamakim” or in a free translation “From depths” (I hope I translated it correctly, please forgive me if not..).

This is beautiful melody describing the calling from depths to you.
When you return, you'll bring with you the light to the eyes.

Against the moon, which light your path, come to me.
In your ear I whisper and ask.

Who's calling to you at the mid of the night – just listen.
Who'll give everything just to make you happy?

From depths I'm calling to you.

Ok, I tried my best to translate part of the song, don't rely in 100% on this.
However, sometimes you need not understand the words, just listen to the music.

Hope you like this song.
If you like to hear more songs of Idan Reihel you just need to search Idan Raichel or in hebrew: עידן רייכל on YouTube.

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